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From decades of experience come to life textures of pleasure, to enrich beyond the simple concept of decoration. Living the home means giving shape to a style that can interpret, in an unmistakable way, the emotions of those who reside there.

The collection shows metropolitan and contemporary inspirations, rigorously declined in neutral, natural and Jacquard colors in the tones of luxury decoration.


Technical features

Jacquard tradition

Since 1954 we have been woven exclusive qualities for enthusiasts, renewing the ancient art of yarn-dyed designs in great width.

Natural raw materials

Among our main raw materials is the high-quality long-staple cotton, which allows our fabric to breathe better, ensuring high quality properties such as greater resistance over time, softness to  touch, shine and natural  "untreated" look.

Craft creativity

Things made for Passion and Quality in textiles are more expensive for those who make them and also less profitable, since they come from less industrialized processings.

It doesn't matter. We make them like this anyway.

Double width

We weave silk, cashmere, linen, cotton and wool to offer drapes for decoration, furniture, bed and table linen at 330 cm in width.

Stylistic research

Customers are at the center of our production process.

This is why our collection is versatile and flexible as it can be combined in various ways to satisfy multiple needs.

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